VH The Label is an American luxury retailer. A contemporary unisex apparel and lifestyle brand that focuses on providing simple luxury, essential pieces to style seekers who appreciate classic designs. Created for on-the-go women and men who juggle multiple roles and want everyday luxury while doing so. If you want classic pieces that epitomize simplicity, everyday luxury and personal style, VH The Label is your brand. At VH The Label, we understand that life can be complicated, but your style shouldn’t be. Elevate your personal style with our classic pieces to help you look and feel your best.


 “To Inspire

everyday style through the art of simplicity.”

Founded in 2018, VH The Label aims to inspire everyday style through the art of simplicity. Through the founders’ vision for style, VH The Label will continue to set the standard, reach local and global markets and remain an influential brand that is timeless.

What We Believe


At VH The Label, we aspire to make everyday dress a luxurious experience. Our soft, essential pieces have an unparalleled comfort that not only makes you look good, but feel good as well. Our classic pieces allow you to express your personal style and begin your day with confidence.


  • Elevating standards of everyday luxury.
  • Encouraging sustainability in a simplistic manner.
  • Providing exceptional service while building a consistent relationship with our clients, maintaining integrity and respect for their core concerns.